Just Faith Ministry Feedback

As a participant in Just Faith Ministry on immigration, I was exposed to the crisis about borders and migrants. As an Irish immigrant I was able to identify with these issues. At the end of the program each participant gave feedback to each other. This feedback was enlightening and much appreciated. I thought I would share a bit of the feedback I received with you.

Your stories of your experience have really made the immigration experience more vivid to me. Your faith is inspiring as is your compassion and concern. You’re easy to talk to.

I have really enjoyed having you in the Just Faith process. You have thought about these issues and bring a real passion to them. We need your insights and humor and depth of caring in Justice Ministry.

What an insightful person you are! You offer genuinely human perspectives that reach into a soul. I think you are a very compassionate person.

You are intense, focused, smart, and yet, a real gentle soul. Sincerely, it was so nice to get to know you and here’s hoping I see you down the road.

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