Transformation Day of Reflection Retreat a Success

Eileen Mathy and I had 10 directees. We had to move to a larger venue to accommodate this enrollment! We interspersed the presentations on Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day and Henri Nouwen with reflective activities – constructing a personal timeline, a tree of life, and composition of a prayer.

Beyond this we had multiple locations for directees to visit. A meditation space lit with candles and naturalized by river rocks, potpourri and sea sounds.  A conference room was filled with panels on display about Dorothy Day’s life. Several small lounges were available for reflective time activities.

A breakfast of coffee and pastries began the day. A silent lunch was conducive to focusing on our themes.  Quiet guided contemplation was experienced.  Small displays of books were available for reading. Time to share one’s story was a part of this retreat.

Retreat feedback was given and the quiet reflective times were appreciated the most. Additional comments were “great hospitality and ambience” and “very spiritually enriching.” One final comment was “I feel a tremendous sense of the closeness of God to all of us.”

A fellow Spiritual Director stated “Bridget’s Brigid’s Well and Eileen’s Mathy House are warm welcoming places for those of us who would like ongoing spiritual companionship. This short retreat reflected that warm welcome in many ways.”

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